How often do I pay?

The first charge is a fee to set up your campaign. Once your campaign goes live, you will be charged that day and then every 30 days thereafter, as long as the campaign is live and we are managing them. 

How do I manage my account?

You can log in to your ReCharge Account Dashboard and you will have full control of the billing. Or, you can e-mail billing@elevatedrem.com to request assistance. 

What happens once I place an order? 

The Elevated REM team will reach out to you via e-mail with an onboarding checklist.

Who covers the advertising spend?

You will cover and have full control of the ad spend on your account. The ad spend can be changed within 24 hours of notification. 

How long does it take to start getting leads?

Typically you will see leads coming in within the first 15 days. 

Where do the leads go?

The leads will be going into your LionDesk CRM that will be set up on your behalf by the EREM Team. 

How do I see the campaign results?

The EREM Team will provide you with a comprehensive report and video overview of your campaign results on the 1st and 15th of every month. 

What % of the leads will close?

That depends entirely on your follow up process and closing skills. We generate leads, nurture them through e-mail & SMS, and we even run re-targeting ads. But, booking appointments & closing deals is not part of this service. 

What is e-mail & SMS nurturing?

The EREM Team will set up a drip campaign inside of LionDesk. We set up a series of e-mails and text to go out to the leads once they have signed up for your campaign over a 15-30 day period. 

Is an Inside Sales Agent included?

The EREM Team is able to assist you in setting up an ISA. But, an ISA is NOT included in your services. If you are interested in setting this up through us the cost is an additional $5's per lead. This cost, like Facebook and Google ad spend is separately from the monthly EREM bill. 

What are the re-targeting ads?

Once a lead has interacted with your campaign or has signed up for your offer. The EREM Team is able to set up a campaign on Facebook where the lead will continue to see branding ads for up to 90 days. These ads are switched out periodically to keep fresh branded content in front of the new prospects.