About Us

A Team You Can Trust

Elevated Real Estate Marketing is a full service Advertising Agency. We offer a wide variety of services for the Real Estate industry, ensuring professional has access to unmatched knowledge, strategies, and conversion marketing using the Online Advertising and Marketing platform to generate leads. Elevated REM provides coaching, mini-campaign builds, full scale Facebook campaigns, consulting, and speaking services. We provide services for any Real Estate agent, team, brokerage, lender, or title agent in need in the United States and Canada.


  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Custom Tailored Facebook and Instagram Campaigns
  • Custom Tailored Google & YouTube Campaigns
  • "Done for you" advertising agency services
  • Real Estate Advertising Coaching and Training
  • Advanced Re-targeting Campaigns
  • Sphere of Influence Re-targeting
  • Custom Ad Design & Sales Copy
  • Digital Marketing Consulting

A Service For Every Need:

We offer a variety of solutions that are designed for the needs of your individual organization and business. If you want to learn how to create high converting ads yourself – we offer that. If you want us to create, build, and manage everything for you – we do that too. We also consult marketing departments on how to build a lead generation machine for your business using online advertising platforms. No matter your need, we can help you.


How it Works:

Step #1: Discovery

Elevated REM learns about your existing customer base and marketing strategies. We also review any advertisements you’ve used to generate leads on Facebook. This discovery period helps us create a plan of action and a new strategy.

Step #2: Strategy

Using our mini-funnel marketing approach and harnessing the method of “priming and reminding”. We create customized strategies specific to you and your market area.
Including; brand awareness, client profile analysis, advanced targeting, and buyer and/seller campaigns. We craft a strategy that ensures the right ad reaches the right lead at the right time.


Step #3: Design

Complete design templates, ads, and landing pages further exemplify their brand message. Persuasion psychology guides each design, ensuring optimized conversion and lead generation.

Step #4: Implementation

Planning, construction, and implementation of a multi-tiered Facebook funnel campaign. One that generates buyer and/or seller leads. In this phase, we're building the campaigns and finalizing the automation. This includes email sequences, text messages, and strong re-targeting campaigns.

Step #5: Optimization

Elevated REM monitors the performance of each campaign 24/7. We optimize targeting, bidding, and delivery parameters to ensure the best results possible. And, we always push successful ads to the forefront of your audience and cut poor performers asap.

Step #6: Conversion

Conversion is our #1 priority. Lead generation results in clients and commissions. Our process increases lead conversion and allow you to focus on your business. We also build a follow-up process that will ensure no leads drop through the cracks.
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