Title - Brand Awareness Campaign

Title - Brand Awareness Campaign

Elevated Real Estate Marketing
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Through aggressive brand awareness content marketing and remarketing Elevated REM will turn past videos, current videos, Facebook lives, zoom interviews, or static images and turn them into fully social media branded content that will be used to re-target audiences for maxim impact and create a high frequency of ads that build the title company as the authority figure in that local market space. Through this process of priming and reminding, we craft a high level of persuasion that will influence the audience to either join, work with, or refer business to the title company client. 

How it Works: 

  • Title Company sends us their content on a weekly basis.
  • Elevated REM edits that content into snackable branded ads.
  • The content will be posted on your FB and Instagram.
  • Then retargeting ads for that content will be run to selected audiences.
Our Targeting Strategy:

We focus on three unique audiences to deliver the ads to for high impact.
  • A custom audience list of title reps working at competitors companies.
  • An audience of Real Estate agents 
  • A custom audience of all visitors and web traffic to social media profiles of Instagram and Facebook and anyone who has engaged with past and present content. 

Campaign Includes:

  • 5x Concurrently Running Brand Awareness Ads.
  • Audience Creation & Segmentation.
  • Re-Targeting Strategy & Implementation.
  • Custom Animated Ads.
  • Custom Sales Copy.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Monthly Progress Reports.
  • Dedicated Slack Communication Channel.

Terms of Service:

Your subscription is month to month, AND you can cancel at any time. The initial payment of $1497 is the setup fee for the campaigns. The campaigns will usually go live within 30 days of the initial payment. You will be billed again on the date the campaign launches and every 30 days after that until canceled.

This allows us time to prepare your custom graphics, sales copy, and campaign strategy. This also gives us time to review the campaign with you before launch. And, make any necessary revisions and dial in your brand messaging. 
For cancellations of your lead generation services. We'll need 3 days' notice to process the cancelation before the next billing period. Late cancellations will be subject to proration. Each situation will vary and determined on a case by case basis. There will be no refunds issued for services, copy, and graphics already rendered. 
Please note: This is a subscription service and billed monthly. You're billed every 30 days with the payment method you paid with. For full control of billing details, future payments, and cancellations. Please log in to your ReCharge user dashboard.

More about Elevated Real Estate Marketing:

  • We create high performing Facebook campaigns. Our funnel format generates leads using a lead magnet that attracts interested prospects.
  • We then re-target the prospects with a series of ads tailored to your Real Estate brand message.
  • We create a high level of brand awareness with re-targeting ads. These ads are then placed in front of prospects inside of Facebook. This ensures that your brand stays in front of them during their decision cycle when it matters the most.
  • We do it all. You'll never have to worry about creating, maintaining, or managing Facebook Campaigns.

Step #1: Discovery

Elevated REM learns about your existing customer base and marketing strategies. We also review any advertisements you’ve used to generate leads on Facebook. This discovery period helps us create a plan of action and a new strategy.

Step #2: Strategy

Using our mini-funnel marketing approach and harnessing the method of “priming and reminding”. We create customized strategies specific to you and your market area.
Including; brand awareness, client profile analysis, advanced targeting, and buyer and/seller campaigns. We craft a strategy that ensures the right ad reaches the right lead at the right time.


Step #3: Design

Complete design templates, ads, and landing pages further exemplify their brand message. Persuasion psychology guides each design, ensuring optimized conversion and lead generation.

Step #4: Implementation

Planning, construction, and implementation of a multi-tiered Facebook funnel campaign. One that generates buyer and/or seller leads. In this phase, we're building the campaigns and finalizing the automation. This includes email sequences, text messages, and strong re-targeting campaigns.

Step #5: Optimization

Elevated REM monitors the performance of each campaign 24/7. We optimize targeting, bidding, and delivery parameters to ensure the best results possible. And, we always push successful ads to the forefront of your audience and cut poor performers asap.

Step #6: Conversion

Conversion is our #1 priority. Lead generation results in clients and commissions. Our process increases lead conversion and allow you to focus on your business. We also build a follow-up process that will ensure no leads drop through the cracks.
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